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3rd Grade Grammar Composition Writing

3rd Grade Grammar Composition WritingGenre/Topic:

The following are some of the common forms of writing for grade 3.
1. Diary 2. Personal Narrative 3. Description 4. Story 5. Information Paragraph 6. Friendly Letter 7. How-to Paragraph 8. Paragraph that Contrasts
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Grade 3 Grammar Lesson 5 Adjectives – comparison


When do we use comparative adjectives?
When do we use superlative adjectives?
Can we change all adjectives to their comparative and superlative form by adding ‘-er’ and ‘-est’ respectively?
What are the comparatives and superlatives of the adjective ‘bad’?
Do we always add ‘the’ in front of the superlatives when we write a sentence?
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Grade 6 Grammar Lesson 15 Adjectives and adverbs ( comparison)

Genre/Topic: , ,

What is the difference between an adjective and an adverb?
Can adjectives be changed to adverbs?
Can all verbs be followed by adverbs?
Do both adverbs and adjectives have their have their comparative and superlative degrees?
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Grade 9 Grammar Lesson 22 Must and can’t

When do we use ‘must’?
When do we use ‘can’t’?
When do we use ‘must have’ and ‘can’t have’?
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Grade 10 Grammar Lesson 14 Linking verbs: complement

Genre/Topic: ,

What is the complement?
What is the linking verb?
Do we use ‘to be’ after ‘seem’ and ‘appear’?
Can we use ‘get’ instead of ‘become’ in all sentences?
What linking verbs express gradual change? What verbs express the opposite?
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3rd Grade Grammar Past Tense Was and Were

3rd Grade Grammar Past Tense Was and WereGenre/Topic: ,

The words was and were tell about an action that happened at a time in the past. Was is the past form of is and were is the past form of are.
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