Grade 10 Grammar Lesson 28 A, an and the: things already known

Do we always use ‘a/an’ when we mention something for the first time?
Is it correct to say ‘a population of..’?
Is it correct to say ‘at the beginning of’?

Grade 10 Grammar Lesson 28 A, an and the things already known (1)

  •  We use a/an with a singular noun when we don’t expect the listener to be able to identify which one we mean.
  •  We use the when we expect the listener to identify which one we mean.
  •  We use a/an when we mention a singular noun for the first time, and the when we mention it in the same context again as the listener is in a position to understand which one we mean.
  •  Sometimes, the person or thing may be understood even if we’ve not mentioned it before.
  •  We often use the with phrases in the pattern the.of.
  •  Also, the beginning/middle/end of. the back/front/side/top of.

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