Grade 10 Grammar Lesson 41 More prepositions (2)

  • What is the difference between the prepositions ‘between’ and ‘among’?
    What does the phrase ‘among other things’ mean?
    Which is more preferable: ‘near’ or ‘close to’?
    Do ‘by’, ‘beside’ and ‘next to’ mean the same?

    Grade 10 Grammar Lesson 41 More prepositions (2)
  •  We normally use between as a preposition of place to mean a position flanked by two things or people.
  •  We also use between with more than two people or things when we look at them as separate individuals.
  •  We usually use among to show a position within more than two things or people.
  •  Among is used when we look at the group as a mass rather than separate individuals.
  •  We use among, not between when we mean to say ‘one/some of’, ‘out of’ and ‘occurring in’.
  •  We also use the phrase among other things to mean ‘apart from other things’.
  •  We use either near or close to to mean ‘not far away’. We usually prefer near or close to when relating something to a place
  •  We use ‘by, beside, or next to’ to mean that one thing or person is at the side of another.

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