Grade 10 Grammar Lesson 47 Adverbial clauses: Purpose and result

For what purpose do we use ‘in order/so as+ to infinitive’?
Instead of ‘in order/so as+ to infinitive’, can we simply use the ‘to infinitive’?
How do we form negatives in ‘so as/in order’?
What is the difference in use of ‘for + noun’ and ‘so..that’?

Grade 10 Grammar Lesson 47 Adverbial clauses Purpose and result (1)

  •  We use in order/so as + to infinitive to talk about the purpose of something.
  •  In spoken English, we often express purpose by simply using a to infinitive.
  •  To make a negative sentence with so as/in order, we put not before the to infinitive, but we can’t do so when we use only a to infinitive.
  •  We also use so that and in order that (less usual) to talk about purpose.we use a clause with modal verbs such as can/could, may/might, will/would, with, so that.
  •  We use for + noun to talk about the purpose of an action, and for + gerund to talk about the purpose of a thing (to define it).
  •  We use so.that to link a cause with a result.

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