Grade 10 Grammar Lesson 8 Past perfect and past simple

What is the difference in use of the simple past tense and the past perfect tense?
What tense do we use with ‘already’ and ‘just’?
When we give an account of the sequence of past events, in which tense do we write the event that occurred first? What about the event that happened later on? What tense do we use to write it?

Grade 10 Grammar Lesson 8 Past perfect and past simple (1)

  •  We use the past perfect (had done) to talk about a past situation or activity that happened before another past situation, or before a particular time in the past.
  •  When we give an account of a sequence of past events, something that happened before a particular event takes the past perfect while something that happened after it takes the past simple.
  •  We may use a time expression such as after, as soon as, before, by the time, when to say that one event happened before or after another. The event that happened first usually takes the past perfect.
  •  When the second event is a result of the first, we usually put both in the past simple.
  •  However, with already and just we always use the past perfect.

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