Grade 9 Grammar Lesson 3 Word order (2): Adverbs with the verb

Are adverbs always placed at the end of the sentence?
Where do we usually place the adverbs?
Where do we place the adverbs if the sentence contains two verbs?
Where do we place the word ‘probably’ in a sentence?

Grade 9 Grammar Lesson 3 Word order (2) Adverbs with the verb

Adverbs like always, never, seldom, also, usually, almost, hardly ever, never ever, definitely, even, probably, ever etc go with the verb in the middle of a sentence.

 If the verb is one word (come/drove etc) or contains have to, the adverb usually go before the verb.

Adverbs are placed after be verbs.

When the verb is two or more words, the adverb goes after the first verb.

But probably goes before the negative.

We also use both and all in accordance to the rules discussed above.

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