Grade 10 Grammar Lesson 27 A, an and the: the only one

  • When do we use ‘the’?
    What do we use to say a person’s job: the articles ‘a/an’ or the article ‘the’?

    Grade 10 Grammar Lesson 27 A, an and the the only one (1)
  •  We normally use a/an with a singular noun to say what someone or something is.
  •  We use the when we say someone or something is unique – that it’s the only one of its kind.
  •  We use a/an to say what a person’s job is, was or will be.
  •  However, when we talk about a person’s job title, or their unique position, we use the.
  • After the position of, the post of, or the role of, we use zero articles.
  •  We use the before a superlative adjective.
  •  We also use the before a comparative adjective followed by of
  •  We use the when we know that there is only one of a particular thing.
  • The same applies to the following when we refer to them in a general sense.

the weather,

the climate,

the atmosphere,

the sea, the public,

the environment,

the ground,

the wind,

the future, the past.

  •  However, when we mean to say a particular instance of these, we use a/an.

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