Grade 4 Grammar Lesson 6 Nouns – gender


What is the masculine gender?
What is the feminine gender?
What is the common gender?
What is the neuter gender?
To what gender do non living things belong?
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1st Grade Grammar Nouns Gender 1

1st Grade Grammar Nouns Gender 1Genre/Topic:

Grandfather, father and son are from the he-group. We call the nouns in this group masculine.
Grandmother, mother and daughter are from the she-group.We call the nouns in this group feminine.
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Grade 2 Grammar Lesson 5 Nouns – Proper nouns


What are proper nouns?
Do we always begin a proper noun with a capital letter?
Are the names of days and months also proper nouns?
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Grade 3 Grammar Lesson 1 Nouns – common and proper


What are nouns?
What are proper nouns?
What are common nouns?
Do nouns always begin with capital letters?
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1st Grade Grammar Proper Nouns 1

1st Grade Grammar Proper Nouns 1Genre/Topic:

Special names are proper nouns. They always start with a CAPITAL letter.
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Grade 1 Grammar Lesson 8 Nouns – Male and female


What are some examples of male nouns?
What are some examples of female nouns?
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