Grade 10 Grammar Lesson 44 Prepositions after verbs (2)

  • What is the difference between ‘think of’ and ‘think about’?
    Which among the two, ‘think of’ or ‘think about’ is used to express intentions?
    What is the difference between ‘hear about’, ‘hear of’ and ‘hear from’?
    Do ‘laugh at’ and ‘laugh about’ mean the same thing?

    Grade 10 Grammar Lesson 44 Prepositions after verbs (2)
  •  We use think of to talk about something that suddenly comes to our mind, and think about when we consider something over a longer period of time.
  •  We use think of, not think about to ask and to give opinions, to talk about an idea, and to talk about remembering something.
  •  We also use (be) thinking of + gerund to express intentions.
  •  We use both hear about and hear of to mean gaining information about someone or something. Hear about (not, hear of) is preferred when we talk about getting some news.
  •  We use hear of (rather than hear about) to indicate knowledge about something or somebody.
  •  Hear from is used to mean communication from someone in the form of a letter, mail, phone call etc.
  •  We laugh at something or someone amusing that’s in our presence, while we laugh about something or someone amusing remembering them at a later date.
  •  Laugh at is also used to mean ‘make unkind remarks about someone’.

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