Grade 4 Grammar Lesson 8 Kinds of pronouns

Grade 4 Grammar Lesson 8 Kinds of pronounsGenre/Topic:

What are pronouns?
What is a personal pronoun?
What are possessive pronouns?
What are reflective pronouns?
What are demonstrative pronouns?
What are interrogative pronouns?
What are relative pronouns?
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Grade 10 Grammar Lesson 32 Relative clauses: Other relative pronouns

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Can ‘whose’, ‘where’ and ‘when’ be used as relative pronouns? When?
Can these pronouns be used in both defining and non defining clauses?
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Grade 2 Grammar Lesson 8 Pronouns


What are pronouns?
When do we use ‘he’, ‘she’ and ‘it’?
Can we use ‘they’ in place of singular nouns?
What are ‘Mr.’ and ‘Mrs.’?
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Grade 1 Grammar Lesson 11 Pronouns


What are pronouns?
Are all pronouns written in capital letters?
When do we use ‘he’, ‘she’ and ‘it’?
Can pronouns also be singular and plural?
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Grade 3 Grammar Lesson 14 Pronouns

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What are pronouns?
What is the difference between adjectives and pronouns?
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Grade 4 Grammar Lesson 9 Pronouns – number, gender and case


Does ‘you’ stand for singular or plural?
Can you use the pronoun ‘she’ for your brother?
What gender does the pronoun ‘it’ belong to?
Can pronouns be also differentiated according to case?
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