Grade 10 Grammar Lesson 30 Relative clauses: Defining

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What are relative clauses?
What are defining relative clauses?
Is it possible to omit the relative pronouns?
When do we use ‘who’, ‘which’ or ‘that’?
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Grade 10 Grammar Lesson 37 The infinitive clause in reports

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How do we report imperative sentences?
Can we use other reporting verbs as well?
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Grade 10 Grammar Lesson 32 Relative clauses: Other relative pronouns

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Can ‘whose’, ‘where’ and ‘when’ be used as relative pronouns? When?
Can these pronouns be used in both defining and non defining clauses?
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Grade 8 Grammar Lesson 17 Time clauses (future)

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Is the sentence ‘I will do my homework when I will get home from school’ correct or incorrect?
Can we also use the present perfect tense with clauses?
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Grade 10 Grammar Lesson 31 Relative clauses: Non-defining

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What are non defining clauses?
What is the difference in the structure between the defining and the non defining clauses?
Can we omit the relative pronouns in non defining relative clausse?
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Grade 9 Grammar Lesson 38 Relative clauses

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What are relative clauses?
What are relative pronouns?
What relative pronoun do we use in place of living beings?
What relative pronoun do we use in place of things?
Is it possible to leave out the relative pronoun in a sentence?
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