Grade 10 Grammar Lesson 36 Reporting questions

  • What reporting verbs can be used to report questions?
    What does the reported clause begin with if the question is a yes/no question?
    Which is more preferable while reporting yes/ no questions: ‘if’ or ‘whether’?
    How do we report wh- questions?
    How do we report question tags?

    Grade 10 Grammar Lesson 36 Reporting questions (1)
  •  We may report what someone asked using ask/want to know/enquire as the verb in the reporting clause. The reported clause begins in if/whether in case of Yes/No questions
  •  In the case of wh– questions, the wh-word is retained in the reported speech. The question form( verb + subject.?) changes to statement form(subject + verb..) in indirect speech.
  •  A question tag is reported as a Yes/No question in indirect speech

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