Grade 7 Grammar Lesson 14 Synthesis of sentences


What is an apposition?
How can we combine two sentences into one?
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Grade 5 Grammar Lesson 6 Sentences simple, compound and complex


What is a simple sentence?
What is a compound sentence?
What is a complex sentence?
Are all simple sentences short?
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Grade 7 Grammar Lesson 13 Sentence transformation


How can assertive sentences be transformed into rhetorical questions?
How can a complex sentence be changed into a complex sentence; and vice versa?
Can we also change the degrees of comparison?
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3rd Grade Grammar There is There are

3rd Grade Grammar There is There areGenre/Topic:

There is… + singular countable noun
There is an apple.
There is a glass.
There are… + plural countable noun
There are apples.
There are glasses.
There is + uncountable noun
There is no toothpaste.
There is bread. Read on…

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Grade 1 Grammar Lesson 18 Sentences


What is formed when letters combine?
What is formed when words combine?
Does a sentence begin with a small letter or a capital letter?
What does a sentence end with?
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1st Grade Grammar Sentences 4

1st Grade Grammar Sentences 4Genre/Topic:

A sentence is a group of words that gives a complete meaning.
Read the groups of words below. Which ones are sentences? Which ones are not?
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